Do you have files? in filing cabinets? taking up office space?  in boxes under the table? Or boxes packed in storage rooms and warehouses?

Do your employees search for files wasting countless hours and days?

Do you want to avoid the wasted time and resources?

SIMS Hawaii can help.

We have 25+ years of expertise with document scanning services.   We can help clients across multiple industries efficiently improve their processes, thereby saving both time and money.

On-site or off-site, our solutions are based on modern technology to insure accuracy, security, and quality.  Our dedicated team is accountable to you. 

Our introductory process includes:

  • Free consultation including
    • Free analysis and consultation
    • A digitized sample of your actual files
    • Trial run of software solutions

Whether in our secured facility or on your premises, our process includes:

  • Strict inventory control
  • Scanning preparation by experienced technicians, page by page:
    • Cleaning
    • Removal of paper clips, staples, tape, with attention to the integrity of the original information
    • Preparation for scanning
  • Scanning - Utilize high speed, state of the art production scanners to image the documents.  Retain originals.
  • Quality check- A page by page review to ensure accurate results and ensure fidelity to the original records.
  • Cost effective indexing or file naming- Using proven technology to accomplish your indexing and OCR service needs.
  • Quality check indexed items- Manually review the indexing process for accuracy.
  • Export to desired format- Images are converted to customer specified file formats for storage and retrieval.
  • Records disposal upon request - Upon completion disposal with certification of destruction or return the hard copy files to you