About Us

When partnering with SIMS Hawaii on document scanning and management, you receive peace of mind – the benefit of a local, customer-centric team, the perks of efficient, safe and reliable solutions, and the value of receiving technology-forward electronic storage options.

SIMS Hawaii focuses on smart data and document management, so you can focus on getting back to business.

Tapping into our 25+ years of experience, the qualified professionals at SIMS Hawaii creates simple, convenient, and instantaneous electronic processes to store, retrieve and collaborate on the documents that are critical to the day-to-day operations of your business. 

This means:

  • No more lost documents
  • Reduced time with document filing
  • Immediate document delivery and output
  • Disaster recovery and security preparation
  • Further business success starts here
Why SIMS Hawaii
Efficient Processes

Going paperless ensure you have instantly retrievable documents, essential to efficiently operate your business. Here at SIMS Hawaii, our team lives and breathes this industry. We have nearly 30 years of experience managing documents, and we provide you with the expertise needed to create the best possible systems for archiving, sharing, storing and retrieving your documents. 

With our systems, you can stop focusing on documents – and spend more time focusing on your business. With our Automation Efficiency services, we ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed! 

Simple Solutions

At SIMS Hawaii we simplify document processes, resulting in quicker records retrieval and fewer lost documents. Better document management simplifies communication and improves customer service every step of the way. This means your employees can quickly respond to request for duplicates, pull long-past records and find the information you need at a moment’s notice. 

Significant Savings

We get it – converting hard-copy documents to digital records can be time consuming and expensive. Though keep in mind, the risk associated with relying solely on physical paper files can be crippling. At SIMS Hawaii, we have an intelligent, phased approach to make your document conversion timely, seamless and cost-effective. Once our solutions are implemented, your team, their processes and your entire business will operate more efficiently – and we guarantee it.