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Welcome to SIMS Hawaii

Every business has documents.  Lots of them.  Earnings statements, expense reports, insurance applications and policies, invoices, personnel records, and tax records, and on and on and on.  You need these documents to operate your business.

So what you do with your business documents?

In the past, most businesses relied on physical filing.  A file drawer marked A-Z  for HR records, another for Accounts Payable, another for Accounts Receivable, etc. Eventually that file drawer became an entire file cabinet, then that cabinet became a cardboard box in the basement, then two boxes, then three, four…

Now multiply this process over several departments for several years.  Pretty soon you had entire office full of filing cabinets, entire basements full of stacked boxes, and separate, expensive storage units just to store all the stuff.

How long will it take to retrieve one stored document?  How much will it cost?  What if the document was misplaced?  This whole problem can be time consuming, labor intensive, and eat away at your bottom line.

See the problem with storing hard copy documents?

At SIMS Hawaii, we offer a solution.
No filing cabinets. No dusty boxes marked “Accts Receivable, April—June, 2009” and no costly 5 p.m. trips to the ‘cross town’ storage unit.

We provide simple, efficient, and instantaneous electronic processes to store, retrieve, and collaborate on the documents that are critical to the day to day operations of your business.

  • No more lost documents
  • Reduce time with document filing
  • Instantaneous document delivery and output
  • Preparation for disaster recovery and security


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